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Mystery Kar on Knoxkast
Iv just uploaded mystery kar to knoxkast meanign all the 2006 and 2005 movies are now iPod ready on knoxkast.
Phew! Now for the rest!
As usall it may take a couple of hours for the xml to update worldwide so be patient.
26 May 2006 by tomhut

HotDog Job: Part 2 Now on Knoxkast
HotDog Job: Part 2 is now on knoxkast!
If it dosnt show up in iTunes right away, dont worry! As usall the xml will take a couple hours or so to update worldwide.
23 May 2006 by tomhut


Hello everyone, time for a new update!

Klay World Series dvd

The DVD's release date might be pushed back to July sorry about this, but this DVD is taking longer to make then i thought....what with some personal things slowing me down, and especaily Villain.

so the new release Date is July 1st.

Spatula Madness

I finnished MOST of my voice work for Spatula Madness this week....This movie is gonna be hilarious, trust me!

I've never laughed so much at something ive read, but then again i don't read a lot, so...who knows!

Short movies

People are going mad for new short movies! I have really been slacking this year..this is probably my buisiest year yet! Car's are being flipped over, stores are being robbed, all because i havnt submited a new short in a long long time!

But hey, im sure the Dr. Bob mini-series will make up for it...a long wait for a loong movie (cut up).....

The mini-series will also feature a familiar character that a lot of my die hard fans have grown to love recently


I'm telling you, this is going to be a big big big big big.

My goal for this movie is to not only make a hilarious movie, but to also make a movie that is awesome and fun to watch!  Action mixed with Knox humor is pretty much what Villain is

Tom Fulp is also helping me produce Villain!

Villain teaser will be out before the Summer is over.

But don't go cryin, Animating starts in early June, and i will post Screen shots of what i have of Villain as it progresses! (this will be on the Villain page mostly)


Klay World: off the table

This movie is still selling pretty know..its funny..i still get e-mails from some people, asking me when this movie will be out....well....for those of you that dont know...ITS BEEN OUT FOR OVER 5 MONTHS.

Go to the "Klay World: off the table" page and BUY IT!!!



Is a very cool site...Knox is sexy

WELP......i've been very busy this year..very busy indeed....Sorry for not being around much, but my god, i am working on some awesome awesome stuff!


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