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Radio Internet showww????????


Me and my good freind Jason Steele have decided to start an internet radio show! Each episode will be available on podcast and you can also download them from this site!

Every week we will record a new Knox Kast episode (or we'll try to do it every week)! We finnished the first episode today..the first episode is 1 hour long, but the rest of them will only be 30 minutes long.

The first episode will be put up on Tuesday!

so there you have it! Me and Jason Steele(, 30 minutes a week! woo!

starting new movie soon

Ok i finally got a funny idea for a new Klay World short, yaaaay! I'll be starting on that this week or next week

the new short will probably be called "Friend Stealer!"

im gonna make a regular short first before i make the mini series..haha..