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So who is Knox, you ask?

Birthday: December 18th, 1987
Hometown: Schertz, Texas
Height: 5'11
Weight: 140 lbs

Is Knoxs Korner made up of a group of friends? No, Knox is 1 person. But Knox's real name is Robert Benfer.

Robert Benfer was born in Fort Stewart, wich is an army base in Georgia. Since his dad was in the army at the time, his mom and dad traveled around the world alot. Robert Benfer is the first of 4 kids, His sister nikki was born in Germany in 1989. After his mom and dad split up when he was 2, they lived in Kerville,TX until he was 4. He met his step dad at the age of 4, and finally he,Nikki and his mom moved to Schertz,TX where he lives now. He now has 2 little step sisters, Jakki(1995) and Jill(2000).

Robert went to Schertz Elementary", where he met his best friend Sammie Penrod in the first grade. From grade 1-4 is around when Robert started getting interested in film making. He would take his parents crappy video camera and him and nikki would make there own little short movies(not claymation, just video taping themselves being stupid). They would do this from age 8 to age 13.

At the age of 12, Robert started watching a show called "celebrity deathmatch", and this is the show that got Robert into practicing claymation, the clay figures he would use for these movies were very simaliar to the blue blob klaymen he uses for his short movies now.

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Our Mission

The mission for our group is to spread about the funny comedy which is knoxs korner. we wish for people to join the group and tell the jokes and sing the pointless but funny songs and buy the products.


Becoming a Member

To become a member of the Knox's Korner Klan all you have to do is e-mail and tell us some basic information about yourself and why you want to join and how much you adore Knox's Korner and send in a picture of yourself or an icon of you and it will be posted on a special page for members.


Knox's Korner Presents-
Klay World: Off the Table

This is not just a short... it's a 94 minute movie!
Klay world isnt actually a world, its just a table with a bunch of stupid blue klaymen on it. They have never accomplished anything with their sad little lives, and they're not that bright in the head either..until another race of klaymen started communicating with them through radio, now klay world has a chance to finnaly become something bigger..the only problem is that they have to leave the table for the first time ever and travel through the outdoors to find these klay people!

Chip Brown is one of the klay people on klay world, his uncle is the creator of the time machine hat. Chip will do anything to out do his uncle. After figuring out that a group of klaymen(mr. black, pick and smilling gary) are planning on leaving the table, he finds a way to join them on there "adventure".....but he had no idea what he was getting into!
And that is what happens. You can buy it at the offical website: Buy Klay World: Off the Table


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If you want to talk to me personally I.M. me at unwantedlife kk:)